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We believe that every translation project calls for a different approach, because different texts relate to different subject areas, each requiring a specific type of translation expertise. This is why our projects are assigned to translators with proven experience in the relevant field, or to those with an educational background in specialised translation areas.

Needless to say, we pay particular attention to the demands and needs of ourclients, and if needed, we work to create glossaries, terminology lists, translation memories and similar tools. Because technology for the translation industry is developing at an increasingly rapid pace, today CAT translation (Computer Assisted Translation), using specialised software and translation memories, is especially important.

CAT translation is especially suited for large technical documents, user manuals and similar texts as it enables the creation of glossaries and translation memories, and simplifies the work of translators who never again have to translate the same sentence twice. Because of this clients also get a consistent translation, without changes to the original format, and with the guaranty that the translator used the correct terminology.

Text revision includes the removal of grammatical and spelling mistakes as well as linguistic correction and text editing. In addition to being revised, our client’s texts are proofread to ensure that no accidental typographical or punctuation errors remain.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation assignments are charged on an hourly basis, with each initiated hour being charged at the full hourly rate, and with the requirement that assignments be arranged at least 48 hoursin advance.

As a rule, translations are delivered in electronic form, by e-mail, but at the client's request deliveryby mail, courier, on CD, USB and similar is also possible.

*Note: special delivery methods, urgent translations, translations to be produced over the weekend and so on may incur an additional fee.